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26 August 2002 @ 09:30 am
Thought for the day  
Wiccans do not need to be pacifists. Although the Wiccan Rede states,"an it harm none, do what thou will," this does not instruct the Wiccan not to do harm. This simply states that if it harms none and you want to do it, then don't question the action. The implication to this portion of the Rede is, if your action will cause harm, consider the action before taking it. A popular belief is that the second ammendment enforces the first.
-A. J. Drew, Wicca For Men
grayarcadian on August 26th, 2002 12:03 pm (UTC)
If Taoists have Pooh, then Pagans get Bugs Bunny.
Think about it. Bugs does not normally look for trouble. Trouble either seeks him out or stumbles upon him needing a little smacking around. When Bugs or any classic Warner goes after someone directly, you know the cartoon is going to be one long session of hurt for them. and when trouble starts, Bugs knows how to handle it: Rightous anger, tempered with a heavy dose of humor, grace, and the knowledge of when to end the cartoon or make peace when the white flag pops up

Paganism also states that harm is sometimes needed. Nature allows carnivous beasts claws and teeth to catch prey so that *they* might not suffer hunger.

Also, if harm is to come from inaction, then action is the best course. If someone is beating thier spouse, for example, it is your divine duty to take a few punches yourself getting the other person out of physical danger. Unless they say "no," of course. Whatever God you follow, you can only knock heads with at least passive permission. By all means, kick thier ass if they pop your tires. Best they learn that this is not a good thing to do, but they have just harmed your ability to survive.

In all things though, the Lady expects proportional behavior. Do not join a group ass-whump unless the group needs backup. Save your pranks for those who need to laugh. Dole out the clue by four with love, patience, and the knowledge that, occassionally, the passive path might be a better option.

Then agian, some pagan sects, like all religons have a difference tolerance level as to when your allow to stand up like Bugs Bunny and say, "Of, course you realize THIS means war!"


St. Sean the Amusedseanb on August 26th, 2002 01:21 pm (UTC)
Of all pagans, I grock Trickster-Pagans the best
Hmmm, I'd heard of Bugs Bunny as the Patron Saint for POEE, but not as a generic Pagan model before today. I likes. Then again, I've always prefered classic WB cartoons over classic Disney cartoons, mostly on the basis of the main characters. Disney characters (Goofy, Mickey, Donald) tend to be hapless victims of a world beyond their control, whereas WB main characters (Bugs, Tweety, and (to a lesser extent) Daffy) are far more proactive, working with the world around them instead of just letting things happen to them.

Thanks for the Taoist reminder, BTW. I'll probably curl up with some of Lao Tzu's poems tonight and post something from that in the morning.