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08 August 2002 @ 09:12 am
Inspiration for today  
Each of the three views of self has something derogatory to say about the other two. From the standpoint of the transcendental self, the materialist self has become prey to pride of intellect, the demon hubris, while the magical view of self is also considered entirely demonic. The materialist self views the transcendentalist as obsessed with assumptions having no basis in fact, and the magical self as being childlike and incoherent. From the standpoint of the magical view, the assorted selves of the transcendentalist have ascribed an exaggerated importance to one or a few of the selves which they call God or gods, while the materialist has attempted to make all selves subordinate to the self that does the rational thinking. Ultimately, it's a matter of faith and taste. The transcendentalist has faith in a god self, the materialist has faith in a reasoning self and the selves of a magician have faith in each other. Naturally, all these forms of faith are subject to periods of doubt.
-Peter J. Carroll, Liber Kaos