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27 June 2002 @ 01:05 pm
The google thingy....  
"Sean is a 2 x US Olympian..." um, no.
"Sean is currently shooting the second Harry Potter film" Yay! phoenixfyre will be happy about this.
"SEAN is a method for integrated development analysis..." Look, ma, I'm an acronym!
"Of course Sean is probably still best known as James Bond, 007"
"Sean is male perfection"

"Sean is also the genius who..."
"Sean is the best chose to win the 2nd Congressional District for the Democrats."
"Sean is the leader."
"Sean is a tourist"
"Sean is on the move in France"
"Sean is not an out of the closet person"
"Sean is just Sean"
"Sean is back!"
"Sean is taking over."
"Sean is known for his limitless enthusiasm, voracious appetite for learning, an
uncanny resemblance to Silent Bob, and a habit of exposing his bollocks in public."
"Sean is currently in New Zealand filming the three Lord of the Rings movies back to back."
"Sean is gay!"
"Sean is a victim of editing"
"Sean is one of the best puppies."
"Sean is officially the most annoying."
"Sean is a little nervous 50' deep."
"Sean is maintaining RPMs for Python 2.1"